Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Matt and Meghan got married!!! They've been dating for years and some of us friends have been waiting on pins and needles hoping that our Matt wouldn't let her get away. WHEW! He wised up and they got married on June 7th. Here we are a bbq at my house a few weeks ago. I loves to just kick it in my backyard with my peeps. I didn't take any pictures, but my bff Sheryl did, so I just lifted this from her blog.

Unfortunately, there are now no pictures of her and her hubby Darren at our bbq.. SORRY guys! Wait...I'll just add a photo of them....


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

He's home!

Fid is home! Jeff's brother, Philip, has been serving a mission in Romania and just got back on July 23rd. We all were busting with anticipation. He's the party animal of the family and rarely seems to lack the energy to play, annoy everyone, or get rowdy with the grandkids. We are SO happy he's home.

One of the highlights of the homecoming were the sweet mustaches that the brothers grew in celebration of Philip's return. HAHAHA!!! I LOVE this photo! HA!
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True rockers...

....totally hard core.
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This is my dear friend Sadie. I've known her since we were sophomores in high school. She's honestly, truly one of the coolest people I know. Really. You can't not like her. She lives in Arizona now with her hubby and I'm ever so sad that I can't see her more. But I'm overjoyed that she made time to see me while she was in town. I LOVE YOU SADIE!

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Born Artist

My Nanos is 8 1/2 years old and is already a better artist than me! Not too difficult an accomplishment I admit. He loves to draw, he could do it all day.

He drew this guy last week. I actually think he looks a little like John Stockton.
He got this easel for Christmas, he's using watercolors, but soon I'll attempt to let him graduate to oil paints.

He did this Mona Lisa in his first grade class last year. His teacher was awesome and really did a lot of art and "master's studies" of various artists. He was a great teacher for my Nanos.
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Dog Days of Summer

This summer has gone to the dogs...literally. We have seen and played with so many dogs I've lost count. There are certainly more than are pictured here. My boys LOVE dogs all the sudden. They ask to get a dog weekly. It's not an expense we can take on right now, but I really think we'll end up dog owners one day. Jeff and I both like dogs but they are a LOT of work- it feels intimidating. We'll see what happens.

Don't my boys look so sweet with these doggies? Little boys and dogs were meant to be together.
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Thursday, July 10, 2008

A June Wedding

My cousin Heather had a beautiful outdoor ceremony at Thanksgiving Point. Mark looked AWESOME in his Marine uniform. Look at the photo of as they were about to kiss as husband and wife- they look so happy! They did a kind of "Count of Monte Cristo" theme, so he had this cool suit on for the reception. I loved it.

This photo really puts my point across that my sister and I don't look alike. On my right is my sister Laura, on my left is my cousin, Nancy. THEY look like sisters, huh? Hahaha.

This is my cousin, Craig. He was the wedding photographer and he takes BEAUTIFUL photographs. Check out some of his work:
Okay, this was the highlight of the day for me: Bear and Jojy dancing. I couldn't stop laughing. Jojy really got into it and skipped around grinning, but Bear took it very seriously. He meant business. He was scowling and concentrating the whole time.
Check out the break dancing! GO BEAR!
I think he may be watching too much "So You Think You Can Dance" with me. I can't imagine he came up with some of these moves all on his own.
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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

No use crying over spilled milk...

Poor Little Bear! The cup just slipped from his could such a thing happen?? Oh the HUMANITY!!!! Why? Why? Why is it always the young? Won't someone think of the children?!
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I know what you're thinking, "Oh, my gosh, are those triplets? Or has someone used computer graphics to make a photo of a person hugging them self?". It may be hard to believe, but we are actually born each almost three years apart. Wow.

Okay, sarcasm over. Truly, in younger days, before child bearing took it's toll, when Laura and I were the same height and weight and both could wear a size six or eight, there were boys we met that refused to believe that we were sisters. No amount of convincing and comparing would sway their assumption that we were joking and just trying to trick them into believing we were sisters. It's funny to me because now my own kids look exactly the same as each other.

We do have one strong, distinct, similarity- we all have the exact same voice. That's pretty much where it ends. Oh, and the fact that sitting at a dance concert apparently gives us all very shiny foreheads.
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