Friday, June 26, 2009


(Michelle Rose Grove...circa 1994)

It's my big day, so tell me how much you LOOOOOOVE me and all my awesomeness!!

I want a record amount of comments today!

Love, Michelle.
(This is totally me typing.)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

For My Jeff

Jeff is out of town this week. I hate it. I miss him everyday. This post is for him so he doesn't miss out on laughing at our funny little boys.

This is my Bear and me at his school.

Our cute four boys lookin' at water. Why aren't they as excited to stare at water in other forms?

This is the day that Jojy decided it was much more fun to paint his little brother rather than the paper he was given.Then he disappeared and let Gabey take the heat for it. I can't leave them alone for a second...

This was the Saturday before Mother's Day. Poor little Jojy fell on his knees at Home Depot when we were choosing flowers for grandmas.

The rest of the boys enjoyed choosing flowers. Jojy still couldn't muster a smile after his injury.

If it looks as though Nanos is in a garbage can- it's because he is. Actually, it's the recycling bin, so it's not as gross. Doesn't he look happy? Hahahaha.

How was that Honey?