Monday, February 9, 2009

The Hollies

This is my friend Holly. She moved to Australia. I love her. She has Pica. It's a disorder where you want to nibble rocks or dirt. She also loves chocolate. For her going away gift I made some chocolate drizzled slate pieces for her. She nibbles slate when she's stressed. She ate this entire box of chocolates in her first week in Australia. Hahahahaha. I love that Holzy.

This is what Jeff and I gave the kids for Christmas. She's a teddy bear hamster, and the boys named her Holly because of the holiday. They all love playing with her, and watching her climb the sides of her cage, and laughing when she falls. Gabey calls her Wah-wah and insists on telling her goodnight before he goes to bed. She's been a cute addition to our household.
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Jojy loves my foot. He calls it Toby and talks to it and giggles if I wiggle my toes. If I'm sitting at the computer, or on the couch, or my bed, or making dinner, or any other activity where I might be in one place for a bit, he sits down next to my foot to have a conversation with Toby. He shows Toby his toys or drawings and tell Toby stories.

There you have it. My children confirm to me with their daily actions that their parent's weirdness did not skip a generation.
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