Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Meg 'n' Chels

As a birthday gift, my triplet sisters (the other two are identical and I'm fraternal- it's very rare) took me out to see Chels in her show. It was pretty much awesome.

Now, here we see Meg and I doing a self-inflicted photo. I typically love how these turn out.

See. Don't we look cute? But undoubtedly, some good citizen always comes along and offers to help us take our photo...

And THIS is what happens. We laughed ourselves sick over this picture, it was so funny to us at 10pm. So I'm actually grateful that this horrible photo was taken. So, thank you kind stranger, who ever you are, for taking this awful picture of us.
Hahahahaha! Okay, I'm laughing again, it must be funny at 2:30 in the afternoon too. I look like I'm tasting something terrible and Meg looks like she has something in her eye. We totally missed the mark on a cute winking picture. Hahahahahaha!

Here is Chels (in the middle) during the final curtain call. I'd like to mention that this is right after I was dragged onto stage for an "audience participation" number and forced to ad lib a devil dance while playing a washboard with a stick. Yeah, that's right, you heard me. It was supposed to be completely random selection from the audience- apparently not. She ganged up with Ed (who my brother and I knew in high school) to put me intentionally in the aisle seat for easy access for just this situation. Happy Freakin' Birthday to me. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!

Chels, Me, and Meg. I wish I'd gotten their gorgeous giant eyes.

Oh, yeah, here's Ed. He did a good job in the show, he's a long time pro at Desert Star. However, I think he's still in the dog house for bringing me up on stage. Ed, Don't think I didn't noticed that mischievous delighted look in your eyes as you were taking me from my comfortable anonymous seat and onto the bright stage full of strangers. Brat... :-)

Thank you Meg and Chels for such a fun night. I only wish it had lasted longer! Let's start our next "Triplets Night Out" earlier than 9:30, and lets do something where we can actually talk to Chels while she's entertaining us. Love you!


When he smacks his head, he does it right.

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Who ya gonna call?

I don't know who did this or why. But I like to send a message out there into cyberspace.

Dear Person Who's Car I Passed In A Parking Lot,

You. Are. Awesome. Congratulations on being dedicated to being original, funny, and doing what ever the crap you think is cool.

You win. I don't know what you win, you just do.

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What the butter?

What could possibly have happened to this half stick of frozen butter? I had it out because I was cooking dinner while the kids were outside playing in the dirt. Then I turned around and it was open and mangled. Poor little butter.

EW. I threw the butter away immediately after I saw these little hands.

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