Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Saturday Memorial Day

We went to visit my Grandma's, and Jeff's Grandparent's and sister's graves on Saturday. The weather was perfect. We talked about family history, eternal families, and did rubbings of the headstones. It's an important tradition in my family and we've had to miss it for a couple years so it was nice to participate.

This photo would be so sad if this headstone was for someone we actually knew.

They looked so cute taking break on this gravemarker that I snapped a photo.
Then we all got in there- is that disrespectful? I figured no, because it was family time, but maybe other people looked at us and thought we were horrible.
If you think I'm terrible, don't tell me, what's done is done.
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Monday, May 25, 2009

Playing In The Yard

We have a great yard for little boys. So much adventure to be had- diggin' holes, climbin' trees, the creek, bridge, rope swing, space for a baseball game. We honestly spent probably 8 or 9 hours straight in the yard on Memorial Day. It was great.

Is it me, or are these boys so handsome????
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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Nanos Gets a Guitar

This was such a great moment and I couldn't wait to share these pictures. I love this kid. He's been saving, and saving his money to buy a guitar and he thought he wasn't even close to affording one, so when I surprised him with it, it was priceless. He did have to pay for half (an exercise in responsibility) which he gladly handed over to me today. It's something that's really his, that he bought. I hope he continues to love it as much as he has the past 24 hours.

I always look at my oldest son and think how big he's getting. Until I look at this photo- that guitar drowns him! Hahaha! He seems to handle it pretty well though, and play the few things he knows. He'll just keep on growing at an alarming rate, and I'm fairly certain at some point we'll have to commission the creation of some larger guitar just so he can keep playing. :-)

Thank you again to Neil who sold this to us for a great deal. We'll always be grateful to you for Nano's first guitar.
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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sister's Retreat

Jeff's sisters, Olivia and Sarah, planned a Sister's Retreat Slumber Party for us. It was so much fun!

First Mom treated us to dinner at Zuppas, then we had some girly craft time where Carol planned flip-flop decorating and Ashley taught us how to make hair bow clips. I made dragonfly barrettes for my nieces (now my sisters won't be surprised)- so cute right?

Modeling our creations...

Getting silly...

And if you're an obnoxious brother and you invade our estrogen filled space: watch out...

We listened to music and laughed and joked and stayed up until 2am. In the morning Mom made us waffles topped with strawberries, huckleberries and raspberries. Holy deeeelish. It was all so great and I can't wait until we plan something again! Saaaaay, next weekend? I wish. :-)

Thanks for all the fun girls!!!

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So sweet.

I just love his beautiful little face. That's all.
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Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Band

Okay, so we're not a band. But we do sing together every week. Well, we plan on singing together, but for half the time we're together we end up talking or laughing or crying- whatever we may need that week. We all really do love to sing- it's good for the soul, and if I do say so myself- we rock. :-)
This was mid-April when we sang in my parent's ward. Left to right- Kandis, Robyn, Missy, Christine, Kristi, ME!
This was in March. We were singing "Down Mexico Way" for a RS Fiesta, so we tried to look somewhat festive by wearing red lipstick, cotton skirts, and bare feet. Most people thought we were trying to look Hawaiian. Hmph.
Kristi, Me, Kandis
Kandis and Me.

I have one thing to say: why are my friends so freaking pretty???? I mean seriously. I should add that not only are they beautiful, but they are really good friends to me. Supportive, kind, thoughtful, playful, fun, with depth and warmth.

Oh, and a shout out to our newest recruit Heidi!

I really treasure my time with them each week because I just know it can't last forever.
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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Jojy's Birthday!

When a boy turns four, it's magical how easy it is to make his birthday just perfect with $25 in gifts from Target. Hahaha.
Just look at his sweet little face, he's thrilled with everything.

(Please overlook some of the girly-ness of his gifts- we're hoping it's a phase. :-)

He's been sad lately because, and I quote, "all of my brother's have a bear and I don't", so Grandma picked him up and took him to Build-a-Bear. You can see how pleased he was. Of course, Grandma did have to distract him from choosing the Hello Kitty outfit for his bear. THANK YOU GRANDMA...

But I gave in on his request for his cake. Oh, well.

When I asked him which piece he wanted to eat, he asked for Hello Kitty's face. Okay...

(I have to mention that a couple days later, Grandma Judy gave him a robe just like his big brother's. It's very cowboyish and I'm glad because it balances out some of the pink and purple stuff he's been liking lately. :-)

Nanos needs a guitar.

Look at this cute boy. He's nine and a half and his dream is to learn to play guitar. Anytime we're with someone who owns a guitar you'll be sure to see him with his arms around it, strumming away- playing and replaying chords his cousin Davis taught him. I've been looking for one we can afford but it's beginning to feel impossible. I'm not buying a super nice new one for him just to learn on. We're hoping to find a used one. I've searched classifieds and Craigs list, but with no luck. My brother Scott told me that the way they were able to find one for Davis was by putting the word out there and when someone came across a guitar they were getting rid of they already had them in mind.

So that's what I'm doing. I'm putting out the word that we want yours, or your brother's, or your sister's boyfriend's, or your neighbor's used guitar that they don't use or need.

Let us know!!!
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