Monday, May 25, 2009

Playing In The Yard

We have a great yard for little boys. So much adventure to be had- diggin' holes, climbin' trees, the creek, bridge, rope swing, space for a baseball game. We honestly spent probably 8 or 9 hours straight in the yard on Memorial Day. It was great.

Is it me, or are these boys so handsome????
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skcoe said...

It's you.

Your genes anyway. YOUR fault they're so beautiful.

I can't get enough of the Max photo, blow it up right now and hang it on your front door. LOVE it!

Wendy Lady said...

Such wonderful shots of such handsome sons!

Cox Family said...

My goodness, you take good pictures! I'm so glad the creek incident turned out was wonderful seeing you tonight dear!

Laura said...

It's slightly ridiculous how handsome your children are. I love them so much! My favorite is Nanos and Jojy. Or maybe it's the one of Gabey. Or maybe it's Max chocolate eyes that make me melt. Or maybe it's Jojy's happy little face. I thought I could pick a favorite picture, but I really can't. It may be like picking my favorite nephew: impossible!