Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Their Best Jumps

We took the boys up the canyon a few weeks ago to see the changing leaves. The leaves no longer mattered once they found a log to jump off. Nuthin' like a log.

Here are the best jumps from their jumping show. The lighting and the cruddy camera make the color terrible, but look really closely at their expressions. Some of them are so funny.

(Are these too tiny to see? Double click on a collage, then when it pulls up larger, you can click it again and it zooms a little closer.)
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All tuckered out

This is my three year old. He's pretty busy. Busy busy busy. This morning he had spent doing his normal amount of exploring closets and unloading the toy box.

He also spent a good amount of time pulling the cushions off the couch and then jumping on the springs. I guess it wears a guy out.

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Halloween Package!

My little Dream Team had a mini package swap this month! The budget was just $5. But I think everyone managed really cute things!
Sheryl had my name and she, of course, made the cutest stuff.

This little pouch was stuffed with color coordinated candy. With four boys in the house it really didn't last long. :-) It's been hanging on this door all month and it's getting to look a little mangled. I love the colors!!!!!!!!!
She also covered this notebook to be all matchy. But she didn't make it toooo Halloweeny so I can keep on using it for a long time and it's just cute.
Sheryl, you're the best. I love you.
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