Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sensational Sarah

Sarah is my sister-in-law, but I've known her since before her 5th birthday. I've watched her grow into one of the most amazing people I know. She is thoughtful and sensitive and humble and smart and fun and I couldn't love her more. She's truly one of my most favorite people in the world. Aside from all that she's just so darn beautiful!

Sarah and her teacher, Jack Ashton.

Sarah is only 15 and she is a VERY accomplished violinist. She's incredible, it truly is a gift. She's a sophomore and in the Concert and Chamber orchestra's at her high school. This week she performed a solo concerto with full orchestra.

I know this is a long clip (8 minutes), but if you are patient you can see my favorite parts at about minute 3 and then again around minute 6. Sorry the video gets a little shaky- it's hard to keep it still while crying and/or clapping.

I also want some special attention paid to my mother-in-law, Mary, who has raised such a musical, talented family. Her dedication to her children's education is phenomenal. All of her ten children play the piano, and many of them play additional instruments. Some have been things they just tried for a while (like the clarinet, bass, and trumpet) and others instruments they continue to play in their adulthood (including violin, viola, cello, piano and organ). But whether is was sports, academics, singing, or instruments she has always been an unfailing and selfless support.

I'm so proud of you SARAH!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bear Bear's Birthday

It seemed like Bear Bear's birthday lasted for days. Lucky.

A few days before the "big 06" Grandma Judy and Grandpa Gary threw him his own little party. Decorations, a cake he got to help frost, and a scavenger hunt. He's been begging me for a robe for months, so Grandma Judy took on that project and made him this Ute robe that he didn't take off for a week.

Encouraged to get silly.

On his actual birthday he got to pick every meal, and do pretty much whatever he wanted. He got a few small gifts, and I was planning on getting him something big and cool later that day, but he was so pleased with what he gave him, we skipped the big one.

He sweetly let his excited little brother help him unwrap his gifts. Awwww.

That night he requested a picnic at the park and pirate cupcakes.

He insisted that some of them have pink on them because some of his girl cousins would be there. Jojy loved the pink ones the best.
THEN the next day Grandma Abbott picked him up after school, and took him for a book day: A long visit to the library and a new book of his own. He couldn't have loved it more! He's really really into reading, especially about science and wild life. Then he spent the rest of the evening with her too.

He felt very special, and really that's the point.
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The Egg Drop

Nanos had his "egg drop" project last week: make a contraption at home that will protect an egg from cracking when dropped off the school roof. So Jeff and Nanos came up with this:

Fill a bouncey ball with foam insulation, then wrap the egg in a sponge and duct tape the ball back together.
It worked! The egg was safe and sound.
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I loves me some girly time.

As anyone with four boys knows (there are a few of you out there), girl time is very valuable. I LOVE my little men, (and my big man too) but sometimes I need to giggle and chat and be surrounded by people in pink and jewelry. :-)

So we got who could and had dinner at Zupas (I love this place now!) and hit the dollar theaters. Economical and fun.

Melinda, Kandis, Kristie, Me, Aleece

Oooh, the evil red eyes. I coulda fixed it, but nah. I look derf in this one, but my friends are pretty cute.
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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ron's in Town!

These are some of my friends I've had since I was fifteen years old. I hate calling them my high school friends because they aren't. I do have "high school" friends, the ones I had then, but have since not spent much time with. These are the ones that have stayed with me all along. We have adult friendships now. However, at times, we really don't act like adults.

Ron moved to Japan with his beautiful wife Saori and was back in the US for the first time in four years. We were thrilled to see them!

This, of course, as you all know is my BFF Sheryl. Ain't she pretty?

This is Matt. I'm totally diggin' his hair right now.

This is Neil. He looks so handsome when he laughs. I, however, look a little derf in this one.

And of course, Ron. I think adulthood suits him nicely. It was so nice to see him and meet his gorgeous little boys.

Matt and I, having no shame, took some idiotic photos of ourselves.

Then for this one Matt decided, for his own selfish enjoyment, to make me think he was pulling a face and then looked cute and normal. Thus making me look even more ridiculous. It worked. And then we laughed until I nearly vomited. I told you we weren't really all that adult.

I lifted this collage from Sheryl's blog, cause the only group shot I got with my camera is out of focus.

Aaaaahhhhh. It's so great to see them.

Ren Rocked My Hair

I look like I have black eyes in this picture, bad lighting? I dunno. But I love my hair. Three shades darker it is now what I wish my natural color was. And the blonde streak is just for sass.

What do you think? Hot touch or too much?
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Monday, April 6, 2009

Jojy's staples

Yup. Staples. I think in a house with four boys, these things are inevitable. Sigh...

He was really good gettin' em put in, and havin' em taken out. He was polite, didn't wiggle, and I'm sure he didn't mind all the attention he got from the whole thing.
**My apologies. I didn't explain: It's really not very interesting, but Jojy and Bear were wrestling around on the floor like cubs and Jojy fell against a corner. He cried for maybe a minute and then was rather calm throughout the rest. Doesn't he look so cute and little on that exam bed?**
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Gabey loves Nate...

He just does. I might even venture to say that Gabey is obsessed with Nate. He asks for him every morning, he thinks he sees him every where we go, and now every time he puts on a hat he shouts "I'n Nate!".

It's super cute.
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