Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bear Bear's Birthday

It seemed like Bear Bear's birthday lasted for days. Lucky.

A few days before the "big 06" Grandma Judy and Grandpa Gary threw him his own little party. Decorations, a cake he got to help frost, and a scavenger hunt. He's been begging me for a robe for months, so Grandma Judy took on that project and made him this Ute robe that he didn't take off for a week.

Encouraged to get silly.

On his actual birthday he got to pick every meal, and do pretty much whatever he wanted. He got a few small gifts, and I was planning on getting him something big and cool later that day, but he was so pleased with what he gave him, we skipped the big one.

He sweetly let his excited little brother help him unwrap his gifts. Awwww.

That night he requested a picnic at the park and pirate cupcakes.

He insisted that some of them have pink on them because some of his girl cousins would be there. Jojy loved the pink ones the best.
THEN the next day Grandma Abbott picked him up after school, and took him for a book day: A long visit to the library and a new book of his own. He couldn't have loved it more! He's really really into reading, especially about science and wild life. Then he spent the rest of the evening with her too.

He felt very special, and really that's the point.
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Colee said...

A fancy robe, pirate cupcakes, a big cake you eat without a fork? How rad is that kid?!

skcoe said...

Those cupcakes ROCK! Super cute Michelle, you always make sure your kids feel so special.

mae said...

I like the cupcakes too. Can I put in an order for my birthday??? ;)

Bryan and Marissa said...

I want the Utah robe it looks SWEET! P.S. you always have to have both color cupcakes right? You are an incredible mom!!!

Jocelyn said...

May I just say that is there really any other way to eat birthday cake? You are and Jeff are such great parents.

Laura said...

What a fun birthday! He does look slightly psychotic with his pirate treasure box at Mom's, though. And I did guess that he was into wildlife when he drew a picture for Jack that was titled "The lion and the dead deer". If you didn't see it, I bet you can guess what the picture was....So funny is what it was! He is so darling!