Thursday, November 12, 2009

Where's Gabers?

The other day I took the two little boys to storytime at the library. It was a jungle theme and it was so cute. They always love storytime. Afterward when I was checking out the stack of books they selected (ha! selected... that implies some sort of thought or intent as they crammed random books in the bag), Gabers wandered off. Jojo informed me that he had gone downstairs which he isn't supposed to do. All that is downstairs are offices, meeting rooms, and set of shelves with books for sale. I went to look for him and I called and called his name and couldn't find him....

But then I did....
Look how funny he thinks it is! Okay... it was funny.
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Halloween 2009

I loved Halloween this year! All of our festivities were spread out over three days. Usually I run around like a crazy person from one place to another on Halloween and it's exhausting. It was so nice to have regular meals and naps for the little ones so we could have happy kids- after all this holiday is for them... mostly.

Our boys chose their own costumes and fortunately they were fairly simple to create from finds at Savers and some fabric remnants. Nanos was a disco dude, and he actually looked kind of handsome, so I'm making him be a pumpkin or something cute next year because I refuse to let him get any older. Bear was a chef and he totally loved it! I made his trick or treat bag to look like a pot of soup and it opened like a flap for candy deposit and retrieval. Jojo was The CUTEST Man With The Yellow Hat and carried his Curious George. I loved his oversized cartoony tie! And Gabers was able to fit into Nanos' old Mr. Peanut costume and Jeff and I (and a surprising amount of other people) were delighted that it finally fit another one of our boys. It is probably our all time favorite Halloween costume (special props go to my mom, Grandma Judy, for making it so well!)

Jeff wore a Frankenstein head and I was Little Dead Riding Hood. I usually don't have time to costume myself when I'm running around so much, but it was fun to do something this year. I included a photo of Jeff's parents because I think they're so funny! Jeff's mom is a witch and his Dad is a neanderthal - I wish they'd been able to wear costumes. HAHAHAHA!!! Kidding, my mother in law should have dressed like an angel and my FIL should have been a... pun.
Here I am with my beloved Sarah-lula just bein' dorks. She's an 80's diva and apparently has a wide range of expressions, where as I have but one.

On Halloween night we first went "trick or treating" at our church for an hour and my parents and siblings always join us. I wish I could have gotten photos of everyone, my nieces and nephews looked awesome. Check out my mom's crazy cool lashes! Holla to Joannie, Missy and Kristie who are these photos!

After we were done at the church, we went real trick-or-treating in Jeff's parent's neighborhood. They have the BEST trick-or-treating neighborhood EVER. There were people every where and the houses are decorated and well lit. It's just fun. I've bragged about our great Halloween events so often that my cousin Wendy and Paul and their family decided to join us this year- I love them and their ADORABLE kids and I'm so glad they drove from Heber to come with us!

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Kristie's Family

I just wanted to share these photos I took of my friend Kristie and her cute family (Justin, Kai, and Bailey).

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