Friday, July 31, 2009

Summah time, summah time, sum, sum, summah time

So it would appear to someone that only knew me through my blog that we didn't have a summer at all. As though perhaps we'd entered some sort of worm hole or time continuum that caused us to skip time and go from one school year right into another. Quite the contrary actually. So here are some of our summer goings-on.

Bear bear in coach-pitch baseball. Awwww. It was so cute. He got a hit every time he was at bat (except the one time they had to break out the tee for him...).

Nearly every Tuesday has been "Park Day" with the cousins from my family and Jeff's. It's always a different crowd, but its been really fun to have the little cousins from both sides of the family all play together.

We've been having "Friday Night Swim Party" with Jeff's family nearly every friday since May. It's been great to have a regularly scheduled time to get together.

Our Fourth of July was pretty fun. We went to the Sandy city celebration with a bunch of people (Mortensens, Hortins, Gadds, etc...) to see the festivities and fireworks show.

My brother, Rick, was here visiting for a MONTH! It was so nice to see him on a regular basis. We went hiking a couple of times and the boys loved it. Uncle Nate came with us once too, and boy, I was so glad because I could not have carried the little ones the way the uncles did.
One of my fondest childhood memories is all the time my Dad spent with us at the University of Utah Natural History Museum. We took the kiddos a few weeks ago. They had a really cool frogs display with amphibians from all over the world. And of course the standard dinosaur bones are always the favorite. The museum still has the dark and musty smelling diamond mine and the money eating dinosaur sticking out of the wall... "Hi, my name is Al. Feeeeed me money. Mmmmm. That tastes gooooood." I love that place!
A few weeks ago we visited "This Is The Place Heritage Park". I thought it was a little pricey, but it was well worth it. The boys absolutely loved doing pioneer chores (why do they think hand-washing laundry and beating rugs is easier than putting away toys?), and learning how to card wool, and play that hoop 'n' stick game. We rode a train, and saw a old west quick draw gun fight, pet lambs and goats and oxen calves, saw Brigham Young's house, and had a pony ride. It not just for kids either, Jeff and I enjoyed learning the history and seeing the old structures that began our valley home.

Okay, I have about a bamillion more photos of stuff, but you get the idea. So clearly no worm hole entrance here, although that would have been a cool adventure too.
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