Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Their Best Jumps

We took the boys up the canyon a few weeks ago to see the changing leaves. The leaves no longer mattered once they found a log to jump off. Nuthin' like a log.

Here are the best jumps from their jumping show. The lighting and the cruddy camera make the color terrible, but look really closely at their expressions. Some of them are so funny.

(Are these too tiny to see? Double click on a collage, then when it pulls up larger, you can click it again and it zooms a little closer.)
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Melinda said...

Um, the butt one (the bottom middle) made me CRACK UP (out loud even!), your oldest is hysterical!

Cheeseboy said...

I can see my cousin in them shining through. Great photos!

Nick and Laura said...

You're totally right- nuthin' like a log for little boys! My favorite pics are: Jojo-set of 9 upper left-hand, Max's "I Love What You Do For Me Toyota" pose on the upper 6 lower left (he looks like he's making a funny face, and then of course, Nathanael's butt! You used to do butt pictures all the time in High School, right? Now you can add this one to the collection.

ruzzel01 said...

Always fun even for older people. Being a kid sometimes is fun.

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