Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Band

Okay, so we're not a band. But we do sing together every week. Well, we plan on singing together, but for half the time we're together we end up talking or laughing or crying- whatever we may need that week. We all really do love to sing- it's good for the soul, and if I do say so myself- we rock. :-)
This was mid-April when we sang in my parent's ward. Left to right- Kandis, Robyn, Missy, Christine, Kristi, ME!
This was in March. We were singing "Down Mexico Way" for a RS Fiesta, so we tried to look somewhat festive by wearing red lipstick, cotton skirts, and bare feet. Most people thought we were trying to look Hawaiian. Hmph.
Kristi, Me, Kandis
Kandis and Me.

I have one thing to say: why are my friends so freaking pretty???? I mean seriously. I should add that not only are they beautiful, but they are really good friends to me. Supportive, kind, thoughtful, playful, fun, with depth and warmth.

Oh, and a shout out to our newest recruit Heidi!

I really treasure my time with them each week because I just know it can't last forever.
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John, Wendy and Miles Watson said...

One of the things I miss most of all is the singing group! I sure could have used some of those laughing, crying, gabbing nights these past few months. Miss you guys! -wendy

Wessman's said...

I agree, you are all beautiful! I miss you guys already, this is the best ward. Our new ward, is full of old people. Who knows.. we might be back in 6 months.

skcoe said...

You guys are pretty much fabulous hotness. How are you ALL SO BEAUTIFUL?! And talented, of course.

Thanks girls...for taking care of my Michelle and making her feel so incredibly talented in this group. (Because she IS!) I pretty much love her.