Thursday, May 21, 2009

Nanos Gets a Guitar

This was such a great moment and I couldn't wait to share these pictures. I love this kid. He's been saving, and saving his money to buy a guitar and he thought he wasn't even close to affording one, so when I surprised him with it, it was priceless. He did have to pay for half (an exercise in responsibility) which he gladly handed over to me today. It's something that's really his, that he bought. I hope he continues to love it as much as he has the past 24 hours.

I always look at my oldest son and think how big he's getting. Until I look at this photo- that guitar drowns him! Hahaha! He seems to handle it pretty well though, and play the few things he knows. He'll just keep on growing at an alarming rate, and I'm fairly certain at some point we'll have to commission the creation of some larger guitar just so he can keep playing. :-)

Thank you again to Neil who sold this to us for a great deal. We'll always be grateful to you for Nano's first guitar.
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skcoe said...

He will LOVE IT! And I love you for being a good mom and helping your son develop his talents.

And I love Neil...because he's freaking awesome.

mae said...

Awesome! I love the guitar! Something tells me he will be a natural! Please take some video of him playing! :)

Thanks Neil! Your gift just keeps on giving.

Laura said...

He's so adorable! I am so glad I got to see pictures of his sweet face being so excited! How fun!