Monday, February 9, 2009

Jojy loves my foot. He calls it Toby and talks to it and giggles if I wiggle my toes. If I'm sitting at the computer, or on the couch, or my bed, or making dinner, or any other activity where I might be in one place for a bit, he sits down next to my foot to have a conversation with Toby. He shows Toby his toys or drawings and tell Toby stories.

There you have it. My children confirm to me with their daily actions that their parent's weirdness did not skip a generation.
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Wendy Lady said...

You can't honestly tell me that you want to be like everyone else, can you? I love the uniqueness of you!

cathyisalmostfree said...

That is hilarious. I didn't know that. I love your kids!

Laura said...

Upon seeing this photo, Jack announced that "no one in the world but Jojo is cute". I freaking love that he is so funny. Take care of Toby.