Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Why blog?

My friend Sheryl started this blogging idea with me. She and I often get ideas into eachothers heads- it usually turns out okay though.

My friends, but more often my mother, will hear me tell them something funny the boys did and they'll say "Did you take pictures?" and I'll say "But of course", then they'll say "I want to see them sometime" and I'll say "Sure"- but then I never do. It's just not easy to email a whole series of photos of Joseph painting the kitchen with yogurt or filling the toilet with bathroom items. I just store thousands of photos in my computer. But thanks to this new blog I can share these little gems with all my family and friends...if you visit the blog.

One more thing. Will you post comments? It will show me that you've visited and that I'm not just working on this blog fer nuffin.


Unknown said...

Hey, Michelle!

Awesome blog. I look forward to future additions!

Grandma Ariel

mae said...

Its great to see you online!