Monday, October 27, 2008

Italy, October 2008

For all those of you that have asked: Italy was perfect. Each thing I saw and experienced seemed to outdo the last. My close friends and family know that I'm a fascinated by history and I love museums- what place could be better??? There were times that I was so overwhelmed by an ancient site or breathtaking art that it brought tears to my eyes. I know that may seem nerdy, but I don't care. My sweet mother and father in law were a delight to be with. I love the way Jeff's dad plans trips: non-stop-see-it-all.

We started in Rome, got to Florence in the middle, and ended with Venice. On top of that, we hit about a dozen or more quaint towns in between. The towns and countryside of Tuscany were gorgeous, no wonder so many movies are made there.

I took about 700 photos. Wanna see 'em all? Hahaha. I'll post a few photos of each of the best things we saw and did in the next few posts.

For me, this was a dream come true.


skcoe said...

I choose YES to seeing them all. If I can't travel, I'm at least going to live through YOUR adventures!

Bring on the two-hour slide show, I'm sitting down with a blanket and some popcorn!

Marisa Jean said...

This does look like a dream come true and you aren't alone--I'm getting teary-eyed just from the photos! Wow.

Aubs said...

I wanna see them all too! You should put them on a picasa web album so we can see them. beautiful pics! I'm excited to see & hear more about your trip.