Monday, November 3, 2008

I'm not sure why, but I just couldn't get over the image of this beggar woman. She had small religious cards you could take in exchange for your donation, and when I gave her some change and took her photo up close she smiled sheepishly. Her face was scared and her jaw and teeth appeared painfully crooked, but her eyes were so sweet and kind that I just kept thinking how beautiful and honest she seemed. I can't say that for a lot of the people that were begging. She was somehow unique- she fascinates me. How old is she? Is she married? Where is her husband or children? Where does she get those cards? Why does she have to beg? I'm actually very frustrated that I didn't get a better photograph.

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Esther said...

Ask my brother Jordan about the beggars in Italy. He served his mission there. We saw one begging woman in Rome that absolutely grossed me out. She removed the scarf covering her head and I could see her brains! I'm not kidding. It was gross! I refused to give her money just because of that! I didn't want to encourage her showing that off to everyone. I really didn't want to see it again. Is that wrong?

Croft Family said...

Your picture is beautifully taken

Laura said...

I can totally see why you were fascinated. I am fascinated just looking at the beautiful picture you took. I can't imagine how I would feel to meet her and look into the eyes of someone so many worlds away from me- literally and figuratively.