Monday, October 19, 2009


My boys have recently decided they love to wear matching clothes. These two usually are the planners. They go through everything they have to find the thing that they think matches the closest. Then they jump out from around a corner and say "Ta-da!". I must admit it's pretty freaking cute when they're standing there all matchy, arms outstretched, grinning in self satsifaction.

I wonder if any other 4th graders would find it socially acceptable to wear matching outfits with their younger siblings. But since they go to different school I suppose it really doesn't matter.
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Meesha said...

That is the cutest sweetest boy thing I've ever seen! They must have two cute sweet parents or something. Can we just betroth them to my girls now...please!

Mr. Incredible and The Missus said...

I LOVE how your older boys get along! They are always so good in Primary and Bear cracks me up with all his faces :) You're such a cute family!!