Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Christmas morning

I love Christmas morning with kids. It's magical and exciting. I'm sure when they aren't around it will be a lot of sleeping in and relaxing, but I love the excitement for now.

We usually have gifts for the boys unwrapped under the tree to make it visually thrilling when they walk in the room. Both Nanos and Max love chess, so that was their unwrapped gift.
And Jojo and Gabers got a vintage collection of Fisher Price Little People that I retrieved for $Free.99 from my mother's basement(Thanks again Mom!). They freaking love this and play with it ALL THE TIME.
On Christmas morning I go into the living room first and Jeff holds back the crowd, then on my signal he lets them loose youngest to oldest so I can capture that moment of surprise on camera. So sweet!

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skcoe said...

Yay for simple gifts, recycling, and HAPPY FACES of four of the cutest boys in the world. It really truly looks like perfection.

Marisa Jean said...

Um, those toys always were, and always will be better than anything they have on the market. I wish I could get my hands on some for my kids when they're older.

Nick and Laura said...

Oh, so fun! I need to do the unwrapped presents thing. It does look magical!