Monday, May 5, 2008

Days at the park

Ever since I posted photos of a play day at this cool playground, people have been so excited about being out there in the sunshine. I can't blame them! It is a really cool place.

Aub and her girls

We've been friends with Cam 'n' Aub since she was pregnant with her first girl. Now they have three! We have every intention of marrying them off to our sons, and so far, it looks as though Bear has made his pick. I completely approve. This cute girl is so smart and sweet, just looking at her face melts my heart. Look at the bottom center picture and you'll see what I mean.

I think these little girls have some of the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen.

Their second girl (in the center photo) reminds me of Tinkerbell. In the book of Peter Pan it says that fairies are so small that they are only capable of having one emotion at a time- and it's usually pretty powerful. That's this little pixie for sure. She's shy, and charming, and sweet, and her little face just sparkles when she smiles, then the next minute she'll be so upset by something that it seems to take over her whole being. I know it can drive her poor mommy nuts when the tears don't stop- but she can't help it! She's so small she can only have one feeling at a time! Hahaha! Aside from all that- her soft wisps of hair always seem wind blown as though she's just landed from a long flight through the Neverwood.

Then there's the baby- she is so different from her sisters- she doesn't seem shy at all! She's just round cheeked and jolly and I swear her eye lashes go forever! Can you tell I love this family?

Laura, Cathy and the kiddos

Laura has 2 boys, I call them Gack and Bo. My Bear and Gack are bestest friends. They can't spend enough time together. It's adorable. And of course Jojy follows right along with them. Luckily, they aren't old enough to be annoyed by the tag along.

Bo is SO grinny! I swear he's the happiest kid I've ever met. He does this funny nose wrinkle that is all his own. He's also the climbing-est kid I ever met. I swear one day soon Laura will turn around and he'll be on top of the fridge or the roof or something.

I call Cathy's little girl Jujy-fruit. I sing the "Juicy fruit gum" commercial to her all the time. I wonder if she thinks I'm crazy. She's is such a funny little girl. She's all pink and bows and baby dolls, but she has this hysterically low voice for a toddler and it cracks me up every time I hear her. I love the picture of her on the swing with the phone, typical girl, happy as long as she has her cell phone...or mine.

Bo and Jujy-fruit are bestest friends. Kinda- if they mood strikes them. This day they liked each other.

My sisters are my best audience. They think every thing I say is funny. How can a person not love that? So thanks for the park day Seesters!

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Janet said...

It looks like from the pictures that all your boys have chosen the eldest of the beautiful girls :)

Laura said...

You did a great job taking pictures. This was totally a fast pass day at the park! Especially when I fell. I do kinda wish you would've been able to capture that unembarassing and totally graceful moment on film. Thanks for having a park day with us. I know you are busy-busy and, like you said at the top of this blog, everyone wants to go there with you. And, of course we are your best audience- you're freaking hilarious!!! You are a great ab work out! I love you!!

skcoe said...

I REFUSE to read this blog any more until you make a retraction and say that my daughter has a shot with one of your boys. Aub can have the other two that are left over. Greedy.

Geesh. Doesn't being a best friend get you ANY perks anymore?

Aubs said...

No matter what scheming we parent try to do I guess it all comes down to what the boys want. :) Only time will tell until then we can all dream of how fun it would be to belong to the family.
Thanks for the fun day. It was so much fun!

The UnMighty said...

Maybe you love her kids so much because they were supposed to be yours. But because of your sins God sent them to someone else. Just a thought.

Janet said...

Hey Michelle- You're no sinner and your kids got one of the best moms ever! You're a great mother, wife, sister, daughter and best of all friend! Keep up all you're hard work and know you're loved!

Babe in Boysland said...

Thanks Janet, you're the best.

Hey Unmighty, take that!

Wendy Lady said...

My mom, my sisters, and my daughters are definitely my dearest friends. What would I do without them?
You are fortunate to have your "seesters" close by.