Sunday, March 22, 2009

I Survived the Ward Game Show

Welcome to the photos of the Third Ward Game Show! Before I begin explaining them, I have to give a shout out to our impromptu photographer. I know there is a very slim chance you'll read this, but THANK YOU JORDAN BRYNER! I handed my camera to Jordan and his new bride right before we began and he got great photos. I'm so pleased!

(Remember, to see the photos better, just click on them to get a larger view. Some of these photos will enlarge and some won't, I don't know why. Sorry!)

Of course any great game show show needs a great, cheesy host; please welcome Groovey Gary! (applause). And what would he be with out his lovely assistants and a whole crew to keep it running smoothly? I love working with this fun committee, I wish I could have gotten pictures of all of you!

The Oldy Wed Game. One word: HI-larious.

Ride 'Em Cowboy. You wouldn't believe the competitiveness the men mustered for this!

Pantyhose Polo. Objective: With pantyhose tied to your waists, swing the orange to hit the ball to the finish line. Difficulty level: high.

Who Nose? My boy actually painted a pretty cute smiley face. He even has talent on the tip of his nose.

Colander Catch. How many marshmallows can you and your partner get into your colander?
Wendy and Joyce would have surely won if hers hadn't fallen off her head half way through! Dang. (Great action shot here Jordan!)

The Spelling Test. Participants had letters on their backs and bellies and tried to spell the given words before the other team. The winning team is pictured.

Don't Kandis and Heidi look just as cute from behind as they do from the front? Hehehe.

Jump-a-thon. Who jumps rope the best in 2 minutes?

At Your Service. It's not easy to bounce a tennis ball on a racket with an apron and oven mitts on! Jay Forbush didn't win, but he was my favorite to watch!

Beach Ball Shuffle. First, I'd like to say, I love these two women! Janet and Kristie, these photos make my heart so happy.

The contestants were supposed to kick a ball around the entire audience while wearing goggles and flippers. Sounds funny already. Just wait until Janet fell...

And when Kristie stopped to help her up, Janet intentionally pulled Kristie down to the floor. Hahahaha. It was a riot.

Once some of the stage crew got them back up, they were off again...

But my Tayva still won!!! And my poor Jacqui's ball rolled under a table and it took her so long to get it, that when she finally crossed the finish line, no one noticed! Jacqui, I noticed! I was so proud you kept at it! You baby girls are my new heros.

Battle Of The Sexes. Men, what are sling backs? Women, name a race care driver that isn't Mario Andretti.After 5 questions for both the men and the women, it ended in a tie, which was broken by good old fashioned "rock, paper, scissors".

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is my absolute favorite photo of the night. Clearly, Lamar won, and Kandis is less than pleased.

Jordan, I love this photo. It's brilliant. A perfectly captured moment. Look how Kandis' hair is still swining, Curtis is pumping his fist in the air, Corriane winces in pain at the loss, Groovey Gary and Kassandra-Vanna are both laughing. You can practically hear Lamar's "Aaaaaaahhhh, yeeeeeeeah".

This photo really shows how much fun we all had. I love this ward family!!!

And then naturally, every good LDS social function must end with home made goodies. Mmmm.

What were your favorite memories from that night? And if you weren't there, I'm sorry, you missed out! Come next time, I'm personally inviting you.


Aubs said...

Looks like a VERY fun original ward activity. Way to go Michelle!

The McKell Spot said...

I'm so sad right now! I would have loved to be there! I probably won't be making it next year either :(

Sue said...

Just got the email..Thanx Michelle for posting these. Mark I were at a family/baptism party. Looks like sooo much fun.
What great ideas for games, and fun.
I might have to use some of these at our next party!!

Staci said...

Thanks for sending me an email so I could see what fun you guys are having! It was fun to see everyone in those crazy pics. Miss you guys!

Chels said...

Proof that your Ward is the greatest Ward of all time and that I would give anything to be a part of it all again! Thanks for posting all of those pictures! It's fun to see some familiar faces :)

Bryan and Marissa said...

Michelle I am so glad you are back I have missed your awesome posts! I seriously was thinking about you the other day! I miss you! And seeing this made me miss the old ward! Ahhh Well I am glad to see all the fun that you all are having!

Wessman's said...

Can you email me the picture of us with your dad? That was the best ever, we rock! thanks Vanna Blue

- Vanna Pink (with the P falling off.. haha)

Vicki Lynne said...

Fantastic pics. Sorry we missed. Tyler said it was the best ward party ever!!!

Rookie Blog said...

So wish we were there. Just miss when ward parties are...Ward parties. You family is so cute and your boys are growing up so fast.

Jocelyn said...

WOW, you guys go all out for ward night. How fun.

Laura said...

Is that really a personal invitation for EVERYONE? Because if it is, I am totally coming! I am very jealous of your ward participation. I think we could do fun stuff like this in our ward, but it wouldn't be fun because NO ONE would play. Lame-o. Your ward is a perfect match for you and I am glad they have you! Super fun!

Makayla Mackie said...

Wow, I can't believe how much the ward is changing! I miss you guys! Let me know when the next one is! I totally want to come (If I don't have 10 hours of homework)

skcoe said...

Loving the pictures, you'll have to tell me in detail everything you did because it seems to have been a HUGE hit!

Wendy Lady said...

Looks like you had a blast. Soooo much fun!

chase said...

I am just a random gal who found your blog while engaging in an "Oldy Wed Game" google search.
I got quite a few great ideas for games for my area women's club. seem like an awesome mom & friend.