Sunday, March 29, 2009

Winter blues... forever....

Apparently winter isn't going to end this year since it's March 29 and we had a freaking blizzard today. Whatever. I'm trying to remember times when the fact that it was snowing didn't send me into a blind rage. Maybe it will help me feel better about it. Doubtful, but maybe.

This was right after Christmas. I was watching them play from my window, but that only lasted about ten minutes. They were just so cute that I had to get out there and play with them. And naturally the camera came too.

Jojy did a lot better than I anticipated. This is probably the most upset he got.

And this after I wiped the snow off his face.

My sweet Bear-bear.

Funny little snow angel.
Nanos coming down the "Hillery Hill" on the boys' new Christmas sled.

Nope. I don't feel any better about the snow. But my boys are very cute. And that's a nice distraction.

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Jocelyn said...

I m from the land where it snows 10months out of the year.....AND I AM SICK OF THE SNOW TOO! So ready for summer! So SO very ready!

skcoe said...

And now it's the 30th and there's another storm. Wanna run away?

Your boys are of course darling. I love Jojo's "mad" face, it cracks me up! Your boy's expressions have always made me giggle.

Marisa Jean said...

This was me at the beginning of winter :)

This was me in the middle of winter :I

This is me at the end of winter :(

This is me today ;[ which = ANGRY

If we didn't need the water, I'd be even more mad.

Karen said...

Well Hello there! My mom told me about your blog (she was trying to find the ward party pics)! You just have the cutest family ever! And I'm going to second everyone else's comments on the ward party post...that ward really is the best ever! I miss it terribly! Hopefully I'll have a good ward again one day!! :)