Monday, March 8, 2010

Dinner with our Cousins

In January we went to have our little bi-yearly dinner with my Cousin Wendy and her family. She made some DEElish chicken and Caesar salad and then we chatted and played some guitar hero. Rick was still in town so he was able to come with us. It was, as always, delightful fun and most certainly worth the 45 minute drive. I wish we did it more often.
Me 'n' Wen getting silly.
Each one of our kids matches up pretty close in age with one of theirs. Except her baby- ain't he cute?
Our two year olds were TRU-BUL. It was funny how cute they were together. (I couldn't fit their horizontal photo in the other collage...)

We ARE guitar heroes. :-)

After we were done rockin' out, we found Paul doing the dishes! What a man.
Right as we were getting coats on the kids Wendy disappeared and came casually gliding into the room on this scooter with out a word- hahahahaha! Then of course it took 15 more minutes to get going because everyone had to try it.
I wish we all lived closer because it's hard to find a couple to hang out with that both spouses get along with. They are one of our favorite families to spend time with. Love you guys!!!

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NG said...

awww cute family. :)

also known as shell said...

i love cousins!

seriously my cousins are my favorite friends.

Melinda said...

Looks way too fun! Its true when you find a good couple you gotta hang on to them! (p.s. I LOVE Guitar Hero, and I totally rock at it! Lets have a tournament sometime okay?!)

Rick said...

Wow - you and Wendy look really alike in your silly pics! Awwww! COUSINS!