Saturday, May 8, 2010

Dream Package numero dos

This time for our Dream Package swap the theme was "My Favorite Things". In the rotation Sheryl and I were sending to each other. It was sorta funny that we would end up doing this particular theme for each other because we kind of already know all each other's favorite things. I mean, come on, we've been best friends for fifteen years. But it ended up being really fun to decide which things to do! It was a challenge to make ourselves stay in the budget, and it was also really funny to discuss it all after we got our packages to see the thought process that went into each item.

See all my cute brown paper packages tied up with strings! FUN. Sheryl is gift wrapper/presenter extraordinaire.

I got lots of cute things: notepad and pen because she has always LOVED to doodle, Milano cookies because if you don't love these frankly you're stupid, chick flick, children's books, fabric quarters...

...and MY most favorite thing in the package, a satin flower she made to clip onto my purse. I bought this functional, yet somewhat boring bag months ago and I've been trying to figure out how to snazz it up. She bought satin in the exact colors I had mentioned and I LOVE IT. As a matter of fact, I lost it at the grocery store the other day and I panicked. I went straight back to the store and hunted it down. Whew! Thank you to Adam the bagger at Macey's for finding it for me!!!!

Special recognition goes to Nathanael and Max. They took some of these photos for me and also discovered this hidden message in the bottom of the box under the packing paper!
I love my best friend Sheryl and I love that she'd a doer. We're different and same in all the right ways to make us mesh just perfectly.

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Melinda said...

Um I'm excited for next month just to see how Sheryl wraps the package! ;) SO much FUN!! I love it, too freaking awesome! I can't even think of words to explain how much I love this! :D

skcoe said...

Yayyyyy! We all posted!

I was so happy to shop for you this month, I love you so much and wanted everything to be perfect!

We need a new theme...

Cheeseboy said...

Someone should totally start this for blogging men. Except the caveat is that I don't have to send one, I can just get one.

also known as shell said...

We do need to get a new theme... hmmmmmm!!!

Oh and I love your stuff from Sheryl!!!

Milano cookies are fo shizzle cracka lackin Awesome! I can't get enough of those bad boys!

and Sheryl's packaging is tres cute!

i love you guys!

skcoe said...

I'll send you something Cheeseboy, what do you want? Something super manly hammer? And some BBQ sauce...and a football?

Nevermind. I'll stick with the girls.