Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Rez Prez

I was under the impression in the past that as a member of a Relief Society Presidency one would have a sobering and serious work to do. And although that can be true, I've found that as a member of such a presidency there is much more love and cheerfulness and silliness than I expected. I've found some of my dearest friends.

Holla to Sue, Heidi and Joannie- MY Rez Prez.

We went out for a birthday dinner last month and it was too much fun.

When we got to the restaurant it was so windy outside (stupid stupid wind) that it revamped our hair for us. Don't Sue and I look pretty??? This is honestly truly what happened to our hair. Haha!

Heidi forgot her reading glasses, so all she had to read her menu with were her prescription sunglasses! I couldn't stop giggling as she read her menu or looked up at the waiter over her glasses- she looked like some starlet who didn't want to be recognized in public.

We mostly ordered a bunch of appetizers for dinner. It was so unhealthy and indulgent, but boy was it GOOD.

We then shared a slice of chocolate cake.... Happy Birthday Sue and Heidi!!!!

Me and Joannie digging in....

After dinner we went shopping for a bit. Yes, we're in a lingerie department. Don't judge us, sometimes a girl needs a new bra!

I love you Rez Prez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love hanging out with you a few times a week, caring for others, meeting new people in our ward, sharing our testimonies, and learning from your greatness. And I can't WAIT for our next birthday dinner! :-)


skcoe said...

Wowwww, that's taking the wind-blown look to a whole new level!

I love these women so much...and it's nice to finally put names with faces!

Too bad you didn't come home with a bra.

Sue said...

luv the pictures...I'm so stealing them for my blog.

We had so much fun. Oh, and I do crave my new bra. bye bye back fat, and hello perky girls!!

You need to decide what fun thing we can do for you and Joanies birthday♥ (Maybe shoe shopping? I'm just sayin)

Being able to serve with this prez and love, laugh and grow together is the absolute best!

luv ya

Melinda said...

Awesome! I love that you guys celebrate and hang out together, now I'm sad I didn't do that with my YW pres.! :( Everyone is so cute, its awesome to work with people in such a demanding calling and figure out how much fun it can actually be! I don't know if that made sense, but I'm tired. :)

mae said...

Yum! Where did you eat? Looks good!

The McKell Spot said...

I miss the old ward!! You are all great women! Love you Michelle!!

also known as shell said...

Um I want to move and when I move I want to move into your ward and also I want to be in your rez prez. Seriously! I can just come take minutes and run errands like going to go to sonic for drink runs!

think about it!

Anonymous said...

Ha! My crazy curly hair does something similar when I open the sunroof and windows in my car. Which I love to do. Speaking of do's, Cute 'do's! (I have no idea how to punctuate that.)

Wendy Lady said...

I'm envious. I'm the only one in my presidency that doesn't work 12 hours a day, so there's no time for play. We do, however, laugh a lot between all the tears and hair tearing at our meetings.