Wednesday, April 13, 2011

They were so quiet. They seemed to be getting along. I was proud in that moment. That is until I saw WHY they were being quiet. Now I can't decide if I prefer them fighting like bear cubs, or peacefully destroying the house.

(My favorite moments are at minute 1:45 when Gabers starts eating his shirt, 2:15 when he starts eating cheerios off the floor. Hey why not, its there.)

This video is not as clear here as it is on my computer, and the color of our carpet camouflages the cheerios very well. They are equally dispersed from wall to wall.


Ashlie said...

Wahaha!! I love it!! It sounds like they had it so well thought out! What cute boys you have!!

Melinda said...

My favorite part is when Joe says, "And then Gabey said, Hmmmm it be fun to get it out. And then me and Gabey dumped it and we were like Ohhh." And "I tried to stop but I couldn't." hehehehehe Thats hilarious, but I am sorry for the mess, thats not nice. :( :)

Sue said...

That is hilarious..

It so reminds me of my boys and all their unexplained crazyness!!

My kids had a catsup fight once, squirting each other, from across the room. They also had a "bologna stick on the ceiling contest". I came home with circles of grease all over the ceiling.. (that one I hyperventilated)

I wish I had been a blogger at the time. It would've made me laugh a lot sooner!!

come what may and love it!!

Marisa Jean said...

Ha ha! I love it. My favorite part is when Joseph is talking about when the idea popped into Gabe's head and he says "And then Gabe said...Hmmm..." I laughed so hard.

The UnMighty said...

I just got back into blogging and it looks like you stopped over a year ago. What a shame.

ruzzel01 said...

Thanks for sharing once again. Love hearing some news from these kids.

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