Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Book Tag

1- Get the book nearest to you, or one that you are currently reading that is over 123 pages.
2-Go to page 123.
3-Find the 5th sentence.
4-Post the 5th sentence.
5- Tag 5 people.

I grabbed Nanos' book: The Kingdom Keepers, By: Ridley Pearson

"We don't see it, we don't feel it, but it's there."

(okay, so this isn't really the 5th sentence, but the 5th sentence was boring "In crossing back over we must take something of our DHI's with us". LAME.)

I tag: Audrey, Holly, Aubrey, Kandis, and Star.
THEN comment on this post to tell me you've done it, so I can check it out!


Audrey said...

All right, first to comment and first to take you up on the tag. Ha Ha!

The McKell Spot said...

I did it... check out the blog.

Aubs said...

I did it.

skcoe said...

Good job girls! I read them all and you did me proud. (I was Michelle's tagger, so blame me...)

Anonymous said...

I cant believe I havent seen this tag! Ill get right on it! Yours was so cool!