Friday, April 9, 2010

Dying Easter Eggs

These pics pretty much explain themselves. Cute boys, eggs, and dye.
My mom got this totally brill idea from a magazine and passed along the information. This worked so well! The egg was easy to get in and out of the whisk, and there was no balancing act with a spoon or those metal octagons that come with a dye kit. I conveniently had three whisks so, of course, the oldest gets stuck with the balancing act, but he can handle it.

There you have it.
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skcoe said...

GENIUS! Remind me about this next year, won't you?!

Jojy is SERIOUS about his eggs. HAH!

Melinda said...

Um seriously we will be using the whisk from now on! Wish I'd known that before Easter!! :)

also known as shell said...

how do you get the egg in there? Do you just bend the wires?

but it is genius. we should invent one that looks exactly like a wisk but made just for egg dyeing and make a million dollars!

Laura said...

I love Jojo's face in the top picture! HAHAHAHA! All the other boys look adorable and he looks crazy!