Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My dream package finally got here! WOOHOO!

I have been blessed many times in my life with great friends. I always love it when I find someone new that I really connect with. And it seems as though my friends always fall into categories, you know, depending on when and where I met them, or how I associate with them. Is this how it is for everyone? Well, Sheryl, being my BFF, falls in with several different groups of my friends- I mean, it's only natural.

Lately, my newest little group is something we like to call "The Dream Team", not to be confused with my beloved Support Hotties, Preschool Moms, Singing Ladies, Rez Prez, Ward Friends, School Moms, or High School Friends. Unfortunately, the members of the Dream Team don't exactly live next door to each other. Sheryl and I live about 45 minutes apart (in good weather and traffic), and Shellie and Melinda live on pretty much opposite ends of the country. How did we meet? Well, the stars aligned, Fate was on our side, Luck was our lady, and Destiny was ignited. That's how. Now stop asking questions and let me finish.

We've designed a way to cheer each other up during this crazy unpredictable weather (that's right, Kevin Eubanks and Dan Pope, you heard me, not even you seem to be able to guess it quite right lately). We are sick of cold and snow, and want some flippin' sunshine. I'm pretty sure all credit goes to Sheryl for initiating this, but I have loved that these girls aren't all talk- they are doers! So we'll be rotating names and sending each other packages in the mail for the next few months. FUN!

I sent a package to Melinda in Washington, and I loved being able to pick things out for her. It was kind of tricky at times to keep with in the budget we set, but I'm always up to a challenge... well, maybe not always, but this time for sure.

Shellie sent a package to me from Georgia. Shout out to Shellie- HOLLA! I love my stuff!!!! Here are some photos of me opening my package. (I hadn't washed my hair or put on make -up. If you want to see pics of me lookin' pretty, find a different post...)

I was on the phone with Sheryl when the UPS man knocked on my door, so Sheryl told me she wanted to be in the picture. Can you tell I just told her to smile?
Everything was in this tote bag. Isn't that the cutest bag for a mom/create-y person like me?

Springy Colored binder with a suggestion written on it for it's purpose... can I fit a new house in this folder? :-)

The rest of the stuff was in this cute springy wrapped box. Actually, I was so excited to get my Dream Package, that I quickly started to unwrap this before I snapped a picture. So before I took off the lid, I rewrapped it to take a photo. But as soon as I finished wrapping it and replacing the bow, I forgot what I was doing and started opening it again before I took a picture. Hahaha! Then I did it again! I'm such an idiot that I ended up rewrapping it THREE times. HA! I blame Sheryl on the phone, she was distracting me.

Inside were these tins.
And in the tins were other bright colored Springy odds and ends. Spring green tank top, socks, and sponges. Then she included my favorite scented soap from Bed Bath and Beyond. I can smell the Coconut Lime on my hands right now. Mmmm.

Thank you again Shellie! I love my fun stuff!!!


skcoe said...

Holy springtime 1975 I LOVE those tins!!!!

We are such lucky girls, I mean REALLY. My heart was beyond full after this exchange.

also known as shell said...

LOL they do look like 1975!!!

did you get the notecard that explained it all? I hope you did because the sponges look really crazy without the explanation!!!

Melinda said...

Oh I love it!! Everything is so cute and fun and awesome!! My heart cockles are so warm right now!! (Wow, that sounded quite disgusting. Sorry.)

Aubs said...

What a fun idea. It's always nice to get surprises in the mail from good friends. I know you'll enjoy your new stuff. I think you look beautiful in the first shot with out makeup.

Sue said...

cute stuff to match the girl of "cuteness"....

had to peek at your goody pkg..

What fun friends.

luv surprises don't you?