Monday, September 22, 2008

6 Unspectacular Quirks

Here are 6 quirks that you won't think are very interesting, but that's the point. Plus, Chels told me to do it, and she's way smart, so I think it's best to do as she says.

1- I'm probably the least picky eater I know. Well, I may tie with Jeff for that title. I love trying new foods and flavors. Surprisingly though, I love the basic beans, cheese, salsa and spicy simplicity of Mexican food the very best.

2-I don't have outlets in my bathroom. My 1920 house just wasn't built with them. I've had to be very creative with my hair dryer and straightening iron over the past 4 1/2 years.

3-I say "P.S." a lot in conversations instead of saying "by the way". I didn't realize this until my friend mentioned it the other day...while laughing at me p.s.

4- One food item I don't like is tomato snot. Seriously ew. When I cut a tomato (especially gross orange grocery store tomatoes that are more snot than actual tomato), I cut off the top, hold it over the sink, and dig out the slime. Then I finish slicing or dicing. (If I have a yummy red fresh garden tomato, I almost never do this.)

5-I love chunky desserts. Ice cream, or a cream pie, cookies or cakes- whatever it is, I want it full of nuts, and cookies, and pieces of chocolate and brownies, and coconut. My favorite Ben and Jerry's is called "Everything But The..." because it's so full of chunks. Magic Shell is awesome for this purpose.

6- I like Full House. This is a bold statement. I know it's stupid, and cheesy, and predictable, and Uncle Joey if beyond annoying. I would even usually say I don't like it. But I recently realized that if I walk through the room and my kids are watching it, I find myself unable to walk away. I stand there with a stupid mouth-breathing look on my face and watch it. SO STUPID. I dunno. Can anyone explain to me why this happens?

Okay, so I know I could have come up with some better things, but I don't have the brain power right now.


audge said...

Full House draws me in too. Along with all dorky shows on Disney Chanel. You are not alone. PS...I don't think I can ever eat "tomato snot" again.

The McKell Spot said...

Your quirky, and I love it.

Sheri said...

Your quirkiness makes me giggle.

Marisa Jean said...

I don't know that we can remain friends. I LOVE tomatoes. Whether they come waxxy from the store or not. I love them.

And as much as I claim I hate the cheesy Full House too, I always seem to reference that show in conversations. Why? I don't know. I haven't seen it in years. I'm just glad I'm not the only one. I also feel the same way about "Who's the Boss?"

Sara Jane said...

You have some fun quirks. I can't get over that you like Full House. That makes me laugh! Now I will think of you whenever I see or hear anything about that show.

Cheeseboy said...

This is Jeff's cousin, Abe. Found your blog through Esther's. As I recall, and I could be wrong about this, watching Full House with Jeff as a kid. Uncle Jesse was soooo funny with that moose voice.

Cheeseboy said...
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Ry and Kris Jones said...

Hello Michelle! I don't know if you'll remember me,I'm Kristy Sanderson (Jones, now). We went to high school together and haven't seen each other for years and years. I blogg stalked you from Mae's. I was curious to see who babes in boyland was, and lo and behold it was you.:) I just had to leave a comment. I love bloggs! your children are so adorable, I can't stand it!

Chels said...

First off, I appreciate you remembering how very smart I am...hahaha...just kidding, but for reals, I love your quirks! And I laughed out loud at my desk when I read your number 3 quirk! The guy sitting next to me thinks I'm a nut job now, but whatever, I loved it. I do EXACTLY the same thing. I usually get strange reactions or people say, "What did you say?" and I say "P.S." It's always meant to be a "The End" at the end of my story or thought. Good times, good times. I miss you! I'm excited that you are on a vacation right now though! Yea for you!!!!!