Friday, September 19, 2008

New Babies!!!

I love the excitement I feel when new babies are born! As opposed to those old babies that are born- they're lame.

However, THIS new baby is GORGEOUS!!!
Jeff's brother, Stephen, and his sweet wife, Ashlie, have welcomed their new baby girl! She was born on Sept. 10th and weighed 6lbs 9oz. Isn't this a beautiful beginning to a great family?
Also one of my best friend's in the whole world, Sara, just had her cute little boy who was born on September 16th, weighing 6lbs 10oz . Isn't he sweet?

And this picture proves that I'm not the only one in the world to have four boys. Why does Sara look so unfairly beautiful??? Someone forgot to remind her she's supposed to look like crap after giving birth. Whatever.

Welcome to the world little ones. I can't wait to smother you with adoration over the next forever.


Dawnell said...

Sara is gorgeous and so is her baby.

On an unrelated note the way to shorten number 12 is "Dead Kids" and on number 24 I believe you meant "Sara/Dawnell". I mean Rick is your brother, you're always going to see him.

Sara said...

Thanks for your kind words and telling me I look good. I'm just glad to not be pregnant anymore. My baby is so cute!!

Brandy and Dave said...

That was quite the string of new blogs. All your pictures are great. The new babes are adorable and your kids are just as darling as ever!

skcoe said...

I'm sitting here crying at my beautiful Sara...can you BELIEVE she has another baby!? She does look amazing. My best friends are freakishly beautiful. a good way.


Bryan and Marissa said...

Such cute new babies! Man they grow so fast!

Chels said...

First off, I laughed my head off when you said "old babies". You truly are the coolest.

Second, I am SO glad you posted some new blogs! I went through withdrawals a month or so ago and slowly pulled myself out, but now that I have a dose of Michelle-ness I think I can go on with life...hahaha...

I miss and love you!


Marisa Jean said...

Did you really expect Sara to look any less than perfect--even after giving birth? It's just not fair. Beautiful people suck.

Ug. I know I'll never be able to pull that off. So get ready for sweaty, puffy, tired looking Marisa WHEN I have a baby (which is not in the near future!).

The babies sure are cute!

Croft Family said...

Super cute babies. I love new babies, they smell so sweet!