Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Full weekend

This weekend was exhausting! I'd much rather spend my entire weekend bumming around and sleeping in, but that never happens. Even if I don't have plans my kids are all "Mommy, I want breakfast", blah, blah, blah- what's with kids and needing to eat? Lame.

First off I took the kids with me to my In-law's house for a big day of cooking freezer dinners. While the women slaved in the kitchen, the men went to do some home improvement construction at Jeff's sisters house. It was totally fun and exhausting, but I left with 10 dinners for my freezer, so it was worth it. A BIG thanks to Susan for organizing the whole thing.

That night, although I felt like I'd rather die than stand up ever again, Jeff and I went to see his sister, Elizabeth, in the musical Nunsense. She played Sister Robert Ann and she was fantastic. The show was so funny. Not only was she in the play, but she was the musical director as well. She's a busy woman. Yay Liz!!!

After church on Sunday we jumped in the car and drove to Price to see Sara's new baby. Awwwww! Sheryl came with her family and we brought dinner along as well. It was so nice to hang out in her new huge house and take turns snuggling the baby.

We crawled into the house, threw the kids in bed and felt like we wanted to slip into a coma. What is it about long drives or plane rides that are so draining?

We survived the weekend and actually had a lot of fun.
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Laura said...

Holy! You had a full weekend indeed. I did not realize that between you, Sheryl and Sara you have brown, green and blue eyes. That last picture is great of all of you. Full schedule = exhausting, but also = a lot of great memories.

skcoe said...

And also we're hot, Laura. You forgot to mention that.

HOLY DINNER EXPLOSION! I can't believe you got so much done- that's amazing!

Full weekend, but full of things and people you love. That's NEVER a bad thing.

Esther said...

That's awesome! I would love to do that sometime. I have a gift certificate to MGK (My Girlfriend's Kitchen) that I won at work two years ago and haven't even used yet!! I need to clear out my freezer and go use it before they go out of business.

I laughed at the comment you left on my blog.

When are the rest of the Abbotts getting blogs??? Tell them to get on it!

Wendy Lady said...

What a busy woman! Memorable moments seem to always be exhausting.

Your sister-in-law did an awesome job in Nunsense. We laughed A LOT!(Don't tell anyone, but I actually got brave and tried out for that show. It was my first time and I was SCARED TO DEATH. The shocking thing is that I made call-backs. Another fear challenged!)