Friday, September 19, 2008

I'm sorry

I'd like to extend sincerest apologies to Holly for being so blog negligent. Had I any idea the suffering I would cause, I shan't have been so lackadaisical.

Please enjoy the new posts, and forgive me.

(Holly doesn't appreciate this photo I took of her Saver's. So, to please Her Highness, I took this next photo from her very own blog. She can't possibly disapprove of a photo she herself posted, right? Good. Here Holz- love ya.)


The McKell Spot said...

I swear I have way better pictures than this, I will send one to you!! Oh man why did I complain?

skcoe said...

HAHAHAHA Holly. Beware the wrath of Miss Michelle- I'm not going to ever bug her again because she has WAY worse pictures of me.

And I have EQUALLY bad pictures of her. Just so I'm clear.