Thursday, February 28, 2008

Alice in Wonderland

Jeff's youngest sister, "O" (we've called her that since before she could walk), starred as Alice in her school's production of Alice in Wonderland. She's a natural and talented singer, and breezed through her songs beautifully. I sneaked backstage before the show for a few photos.
Doesn't she look perfect?
Closing song- she's standing in the center with "Tall Alice" and "Small Alice" on either side. They of course had to use different sized girls for when Alice shrinks and grows. You'd think Alice would have learned to stop taking candy or potions or mushrooms from strangers. Clearly Alice's school hadn't implemented the "DARE" program.
Alice and the Mad Hatter. Cool pants he has there.
Left to right: Halley and Carol (soon to be married), Nate, Jeff holding Gabey, Stephen and Ashley, and the short ones of course are my little men with Aunt O.

Congratulations O! It was so much fun to watch you, we love you!


somebits said...

Look at you, rubbing shoulders with (future) famous people!

Janet said...

Brooklyn loves Alice, would have loved to go see it. She probably would have worn her own Alice dress. You sister-in-law looks the part.