Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Rough and tumble little boys.

A week and a half ago, during a pleasant Saturday visit to Grandma's, Jojy decided he had gone far too long in his life with out visiting Instacare. His wish came true after falling against the edge of the fireplace hearth and cutting his brow. It wasn't deep, but it pulled open a bit over his brow, and since it was on his face, we decided to have a doctor make the call about needing stitches.

The doctor decided he did need stitches, but because it wasn't severe, we didn't need to go the children's hospital to have him sedated. Whew! THAT would have taken forever.
Jeff sat with him and held on the bandage with the numbing gel, and told him stories to keep him still. What a great daddy.
Jojy was sweet and precocious with the nurses, and aside from a few minutes of crying, pretty patient during the stitching. He didn't like being strapped down and unable to rub his eyes when water got in them.
When the job was done, he wiped his tears and said "Thank you, Doc'or". Awww! He's so cute!! Luckily a scar in the brow isn't too obvious and even a little masculine, so when he's older he can make up stories about how he got the scar chopping wood, or hunting, or saving a drowning woman.


skcoe said...

Remember when Nathanael said "thank you" to the woman immunizing him? Wasn't he about the same age? How alike they are... all handsome, polite, tough little boys. I'm glad it won't be much of a scar, and will be mostly hidden by his brow.

GREAT pics on your camera phone!

Kandis Mortensen said...

Poor little guy! I can imagine his cute little voice saying "Thank you"--melts my heart! He was so brave! Colb has an 'eyebrow scar' and I think it's sexy! So, I'm sure his future wife will be very happy with his 'manly scar'!

The McKell Spot said...

Aw, poor thing. What a cute kid, his eyes melt my heart and my Dr. says that that shouldn't happen a lot.

audge said...

I miss Jojy!!! What a brave guy...I don't know very many small guys, even 7 year olds that could keep their composure during stitches. I love how he poses for the camera.


Laura said...

Sweet little Joj. How do you not smush him everyday? Oh, maybe when you're about to, you find him in the bathroom swimming in toilet water.

Anonymous said...

Oh what a brave little man!

Cathy said...

This picture makes me so sad. Poor, cute, little devil. Just kidding. I am glad that he is doing better. When I saw him last week I didn't even notice a scar. So, love you and hate you for going to California. :)