Monday, March 31, 2008

Uncle Wicky- Our trip

We were SO glad to have Rick with us. Me, the kids, but especially Jeff, because if Rick weren't there he'd have no one there to laugh with at all their inappropriate comments. Sigh...even though it was awesome, I can really tell I'm the only girls in this group sometimes. :-)

The second picture at the fountain was taken right before Rick got chewed out by a California Adventure park employee for lifting Jojy over the fence and standing him on the fountain wall. Another person nearby was surprised at the employee's overreaction, but was soon to be absolutely shocked when Jeff (who had been some distance away) walked over to Rick and said "Excuse me, sir. I CAN NOT believe you would put your son on that fountain. That is unbelievably inappropriate! I'm shocked." Hahahaha! The woman's jaw was on the floor. At least they gave a her a good story to tell her friends later about the poor guy who kept getting bawled out by strangers. Ha!

Thanks for coming Rick- if only to be Jojy's ride. This trip was a total fast pass.
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skcoe said...

Everyone needs a little Rick in their lives!

Or any at all... (Miss you Rick!)

mae said...

Ha! Thats really funny!

Nick and Laura said...

In the last picture, Jojy looks like he's about to bite Rick's head!