Monday, March 31, 2008

Universal Studios- Our trip

I'm starting to realize I'm posting too many pictures- are you totally bored with our trip now? Sorry! Here are just four pictures at Universal Studios. It's always Jeff's favorite park.

Meeting Curious George. Jojy was SO excited (although you can't tell in this picture), he has books, toys and several shirts of George. Jeff said, "Do you think Curious George ever wears shirts with Jojy on them?". Hahaha!

Meetins SpongeBob. Truly a dream come true!
Good thing Rick went with us, or we wouldn't have this photo. Thanks Ricky!
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skcoe said...

LOVE the family pictures. I got so giddy when I saw you guys with Curious George, I know he's a favorite at your house!!

The McKell Spot said...

More pics please! I love your pictures they don't bore at all! I thought Curious george was captured and taken back to Africa. What a relief that he is still alive and well in Cali! Hopefully he has escaped from the controlling and firm hand of that man in the yellow hat.

audge said...

You are such a little did you ever have 4 kids? I love the collage you put up with nearly all your boys piled on top of each other in the stroller.

Babe in Boysland said...

Actually, Holz, the man in the yellow hat is kind of a moron. He means well. However, what kind of idiot never learns from their mistakes (I actually know a few unfortunately)?

"Okay George, now that we've finished our tour of this glass blowing factory, and we're standing near lots of fragile works of art and expensive equipment and scorching fires, you go ahead and wait here while I go make some phone calls from the car. Oh, and George, be a good little monkey."

MONKEY, idiot, he's a MONKEY.

However, I digress. I really do think Curious George is so cute and I fully support my children's interest in him.

Aubs said...

Love all the pictures! They all look so fun. I am glad you guys got to go and have a fun trip. What fun memories. Keep posting pictures. We are not bored of them.

Marisa Jean said...

I just read through your WHOLE trip and I LOVED it! My favorite was Jojy looking at the map like he understood it. While I'm sure it was madness with 4 little boys, it looked like they loved it. I hope I'm as good as a Mom as you are. Oh, and your boys are getting HUGE! You and your boys look fabulous!