Friday, March 28, 2008

Just because I wanted to- Our trip

I have a serious weakness for kids pajamas. When I saw these soft cotton jammies at Costco for $7 (ish) I just couldn't help myself, I HAD to get them. Now you can see why, they looked so cute in their jammies, I almost ATE them. Look at the hilarious size difference between Nanos and the baby. Hahaha!
One of the only photos you'll see where Jojy is looking at the camera. Keep a look out for it as you view these, it's a disorder I think, he CAN'T look a the camera. I should consult a doctor.

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Anonymous said...

How cute are they! I swear you popped out 4 kids so fast! Time flies doesnt it? I love these pictures!

Bryan and Marissa said...

I love them! I love jammies too, but it is so fun that you get to have all four!

skcoe said...

I love those! I got Tegan the dinosaur ones and some "I love Cuddles" for Mayci...I didn't realize they came big enough for Jayden!!