Monday, January 7, 2008


Oh MY GOSH! I got on to my blog today and I had like 6 new comments!!! I didn't realize how thrilling that would be. And my cousin Jen commented too! Thanks Mae, Sheryl, Jen, Aubrey, Sara and Janet for commenting- you made my Monday! MWAH!


Laura said...

When you decide what you are going to wear to your Valentine's Dance, would you please put some pictures on here so I can see? I never get your see your fantastic outfits for your dances. That delightfully disgusting purple dress your friend is holding up is great. I wish I could've found that dress! I loved the snow day pictures!! My nephews are darling!!

Chels said...

Michelle! You are so dang cool, honestly! I just read your blog from start to poor boss just paid me for reading your blog for the past hour, but I think it was well worth his money, because I am in a more chipper mood now and will thus be a happier worker, right? Right. Your boys are PERFECT! They are going to be the coolest kids in school, with their creativity and their crazy Mom helping them along the way :) Thanks for sending this link to me, I will be sure to keep up with your Blogs or Ologs...heheheh...Your hard work has really paid off, this is my favorite blog I have seen so far...I miss you!

Chelsea Grant Hubbard