Friday, January 18, 2008


Okay, if you knew me 10 years ago you'd know that I had a MAJOR crush on Jimmy Chunga from 107.5 The End (now 101.9). I even went to an appearance he did at the opening of the theaters at Jordan Landing and hugged him- lame I know, and I didn't care. I used to listen to him on the radio every morning on my way to work. My opportunities to listen to The End have drastically tapered since I've had kids, until today when I listened for over three hours. Do you want to know why? Because when I turned it on when I was driving home from the gym this morning, who did I hear on Chunga's show? MATT MATTSON. That's right, MY Matt, the Matt I know was on The End. I was freaking. I still am a little.

Matt is an actor, song writer, singer, artist, comedian, and all around big 'ole teddy bear. He's extremely talented and I love cheering him on. So GO MATT! You're my new idol. Chunga, Chels and Court were nice to you, and you really did great. You won the contest against Court, and you made them laugh a bunch of times. It was perfect. I was so proud.

(I need to recognize Meghan in the background of this photo, she's Matt's sweetheart and she's delightful and this picture does not do her justice).
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Aubs said...

I love the new backdrop. Very cute. So why was Matt on the radio?

Babe in Boysland said...

THe backdrop is probably different now. I don't like it when they make the photos transparent, you can't see them as well.

Matt was just a guest host. I don't know why, but it was thrilling for me.

skcoe said...

...and totally worth the phone call at SEVEN IN THE MORNING. (She woke me up to hear you Matt, I hope you know how much we adore you!)

It was fun to listen to- and if I could wake up to his voice EVERY morning, I totally would!

skcoe said...

PS I really like the background, you made it work! Good girl.

The McKell Spot said...

I heard the whole thing this morning also! I love Chunga and now I love matt. I feel kinda famous because I know you and you now Matt and he was on the radio with my 101.9 homies. I once called in and Chunga said I sounded sexy, they called me the heart girl.

The Gardners said...

Michelle!! I miss you guys a ton! It's fun to see how much your kids have grown...I can't believe it really! I hope you are doing well! I will link you on my page so I can see how you and your cute family are doing!

Love, Kacey Gardner

Mr. Findlay said...

Michelle!!!! How the heck are ya? I was so pleased to find your blog from Sheryl who found us from Brian and Kambree's so now I get to say "hello!" Good heaven's demergatroid it's been OVER 10 YEARS since I talked with you last. Or anyone for that matter. I'm glad do read that your doing well. Come and visit our blog sometime to catch up on us (you know, if you're even remotely interested in something like that). Here's the url: come and see us!

mae said...

I bet that was weird to hear him! It is always so shocking to see someone we know from high school or otherwise on TV too. But its fun to say, "Hey I know that guy!" Those words instantly upgrade your social status. ;)

I'm diggin' your background too!

Matt Mattson said...

Michelle! Thanks for including me in your blog. I am flattened.

As far as being on The Chunga Show - it was SUCH A BLAST!

I was surprised with a call from Cort telling me that they were auditioning for a person to be a part of the morning show. I guess Chunga, knowing that I improvise, mentioned my name. So I jumped on it!

I hope you're doing well:)

somebits said...

I HATE Matt!! [I can say that because he's my (big) little brother]. I would have let you know, babe in boysland, had I known you were still alive :)