Sunday, January 13, 2008

Per Aubrey's Request

So here is my angel. That's what I call him...or snoog...or shoog...goobuh...or gabey. Poor kid, will he ever know his name?

1- In the fall leaves just before Daddy cleaned them all up.
2-He LOVED lying all alone under a Christmas tree. He'd lay there and laugh and grin at the lights and branches.
3- Christmas morning pulling on a ribbon on the only package he really got.
4- With Daddy on the 4th of July. So tiny.
5-So so mad. He got sick of lying there really fast.
6-In the full size shot of this you can see that both hands and feet are spread out like he's skydiving- quite comical.
7-SUCH a finger sucker. It looks cute now, but I really wish he go along with my efforts to switch him to a binki.
8-Nanos and Gabey. He really loves his big brother.
9-Newborn photo taken by Sheryl and Sara. I still love him in bright blues like this.

Seriously, I think this child is so photogenic. One more thought, his eyes may look blue now, but all his brother's eyes changed to brown at about a year old, so we'll see when it happens for him.
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Babe in Boysland said...

I don't know who knows this, but you can click on any picture to see a full size image.

Sara said...

So cute!!! He is very photogenic. He's so chubby.

The McKell Spot said...

I love this baby!! Also yesterday was great! Nanos(?) is so smart and well behaved he was so patient as I tried to get all the girls to sit down and take turns speaking. (I'm not sure that will happen) He is a star!

skcoe said...

LOOOOVE them! And I've only actually seen three of those, THIS is why a blog is so great! Thanks for sharing Gabey with us...

Kandis Mortensen said...

Holy Cow! I can't believe how quickly our kids go from new borns to little men! Thank goodness for our cameras! Great photography, by the way--the one with Nanos is my favorite!

The UnMighty said...

My heart just melted.

Aubs said...

Thanks Michelle! These are great. SO SO SO cute! He is adorable. It is amazing hoe time flies and how big he is getting.(as well as all of your children) Crazy!