Friday, January 4, 2008

Sweet Bear

Look at this face! Isn't it sweet? Just say yes.

Two days ago he climbed up on my lap and curled up like a cat. A few seconds later he looked up at me with his dark eyes and impossibly long eyelashes and said softly "Mom, I love you. You're so special. I think you're more important than kings...or queens...or gold." Could you die? I almost did.

Then the next day he decided to dress Jojy without me knowing. Except I figured it out when he came to ask me a question:

"Mom, are we going anywhere today"

"Probably not."

"Okay, so short sleeves are okay since we're staying home?'

"Sure. I guess."

That's when I knew he was dressing his little brother since he was already dressed in long sleeves. Then Jojy appeared wearing this outfit.
Notice that not only is he wearing short sleeves, shorts, and slippers, but the shirt is buttoned very crookedey. Is that a word? Whatever, I don't care, it sounds like it fits to me.
It was very sweet. And even though his arms and legs got cold very fast, I had to leave him in these so I wouldn't hurt any one's tender feelings.
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skcoe said...

Awwwww! That is so cute, he's such a good boy! I love hearing sweet things like that coming out of children's mouths, especially today when NOTHING sweet has come out of my children's mouths.

Aubs said...

How tender. That is what mom's love to hear. Too bad they don't come everyday. It is so good to write them down so you can remember them.
Nice outfit. What a sweetheart to help get his brother dressed. Such nice helpers.

mae said...

Oh how loveable! I had to look for an adjective that wasn't already taken...
I love how cute your boys are with each other! Melts your heart!