Saturday, January 19, 2008

This is our first born. I was feeling a dose of mommy guilt for not having many photos of him on the 'ole blog. We call him Nanos because that's what our second born called him when he was learning to speak, and it stuck. We sometimes call him Mookers- there's really no explanation for that.

1- Baptism day. These are two good lookin' guys.
2- He was Indiana Jones for Halloween. Doesn't he look brave and adventurous?
3- The kid loves press on tattoos.
4-Playing the piano with Grandma. She's been giving him lessons- sweet, huh?
5-The first day of second grade. Man, he is so handsome!
6- It was hard for me to find pictures where he wasn't being a weirdo.
7-This is when we went fishing with Jeff's family.
8- With his best friend. These two crack me up, they are so funny together. I don't mean cute funny, I mean funny funny. They are goofy and clever and they make me laugh.
9- Getting an award at school.

So there he is. He's funny, and helpful, and he loves his little brothers. When I say love, I don't mean he likes them, I mean he likes helping them do things, and getting them snacks, and hugging them when they cry, and reading them books, and he'll even change wet diapers. He's always shown a natural gift for music, and a real talent with drawing and painting. He also LOVES to read. He's lately gotten pretty good at shooting hoops with Dad, too.
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skcoe said...

Handsome boy! You forgot to mention your special relationship with him...where you can just lay and giggle with him for hours... I think that's SO CUTE.

Can you believe how old our children are getting?????

Aubs said...

Great pictures. He is very handsome. He and Kenz will make cute kids someday. :)
What a sweet boy to love to help his brothers. So many boys don't and won't. He is a great boy!

mae said...

He is a cutie! And I can vouch for his sweetness as well! He is a great kid!

Bryan and Marissa said...

I can not believe that he is that old already!

Janet said...

I can't believe how old Nanos is getting, it seemed just like yesterday he was singing "I am a Child of God" at the primary program when he was what 2 or 3?? My how time flies.

Jocelyn said...

Michelle your babies are so handsome! that birthday cake is hilarious! I cant believe you are older enough to have all those kids. It makes me feel old! by at least 2 years. lol