Monday, January 7, 2008

Our New Year's Eve

On New Year's Eve we decided to stay home. Jeff isn't much of a night owl, and we'd battled a lot of late nights out with the kids over the Christmas break, so we really weren't up for it. Jeff and I made fresh shrimp for dinner (the kids ate breaded shrimp from the freezer that I baked, I don't think they were really ready for the reality of shell fish-except Nanos he's big and brave). Bear was horrified by the preparation process- cutting the gray shells and legs off the shrimp before cooking. We hung out, watched movies, played hide and seek for well over an hour, read a stack a books together,and put the kids to bed before 10. It was really quite fun. Jeff and I hit the sack before 11.

Hide and Seek was the highlight of the evening.

Here's Nanos next to our bed- he was hiding under pillows and blankets, but a lump of blankets isn't much of a picture. He was an awesome hider. Very dedicated. We even gave up once and he had to reveal himself.

Jojy usually had Daddy or Mommy hide him, but this time, when Daddy left to count, he found his own spot- behind the shutters on the kitchen door. It was so cute because when I first noticed him all I could see were his tiny feet. Hahaha.
This is Bear hiding behind the bathroom door. Even though he's a patient hider, he still doesn't understand that you can find him if he speaks because you know where his voice is coming from. For instance, if you say "Hold still, here they come to find you", he'll say "Okay mom, I will". Thus blowing his cover.
Because it's near impossible for Jeff to fit into any hiding spot, he usually pretends to hide, like sitting in the middle of the room and putting a dish towel on his head. It makes the boys...and me, laugh. But this time, he stood on the edge of the tub and bent in between the shower curtains. So if the boys looked in the tub they still couldn't see him. It was so funny that it took us so long to find him in our tiny house!
Happy New Year!!!!!!
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skcoe said...

Where's the picture of you in the dryer? Post THAT!

Kandis Mortensen said...

You were in the dryer?! I agree--POST IT! I can't WAIT to hang out at home for New Years and play with my kids all night--I hope I'm just like you when I grow up!

skcoe said...

Crap. I was just kidding, but I LOVE your reaction Kandis!!

Sara said...

We also stayed home this year and did not give in to a few invites to go out. It was nice, we got take out and ate in front of the TV and watched a movie and let the kids stay up, it's fun to have kids, and although going out and getting a sitter is fun, staying home with the family is just as fun, if not more fun, and I think it's more relaxing to just chill at home. I'm glad you had fun, I think we will play hide and seek next year, I like that idea.

Aubs said...

Sounds like a fun evening with the kids. I love playing/watching the kids play hide n seek with Camron. It is so funny. They love to hide in the same spots over and over again. Great memories!