Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Funny Bear-Bear

This is my Bear-bear. He is SO funny. If he was a girl he'd be called a drama queen. He goes from one extreme to the next, happy and giddy and his face just puts sunshine in my heart- I tell Jeff all the time that Bear's my sparkle. Then suddenly he'll turn into one of the most miserable beings on earth, nothing goes right for him, and the tears don't stop. He has more swings than a blind golfer. Last night he was exhausted and having trouble with his toothpaste which made him to dissolve into tears. I consoled him and helped him and then when the situation wasn't quite so volatile I said, "Wow, you must be really tired or you wouldn't be crying so much" , he looked up at me in astonishment, baffled why I didn't understand, and said "No, I have problems!". Jeff and I laughed for an hour (after he was in bed).

1-At the zoo. Grandpa bought all the kids a popsicle.
2-Fishing at Brighton.
3-We were on a hike with Jeff's parents and some of his siblings. Bear wanted to look at a mountain across the valley, and when Uncle Stephen offered him Bear his binoculars, Bear said, "No, don't worry, I have some".
4-First day of Preschool.
5- Cuddled up with the baby.
6- He was about 3 yrs old here. This is one of my favorite photos of him. Click on it to see it better. This kid has really long lashes and a serious uni-brow.
7- About 3 years old. I should have cut his hair before I took this picture.
8- He wanted to be a police officer for Halloween. When I was taking photos I said "Give me some serious cop faces", these are just two of the series. They are frickin' hilarious.
9-Look how the shape of his mustached changed! HAHA! He is the king of facial expressions.
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The McKell Spot said...

I will try to be good so that I don't have that cop beating on my window. Those faces are hilarious!

mel said...

Michelle, this is Mars' wife and Sheryl told me to check out your crazy kids on your blog. Just so you don't get concerned that I'm some "weirdo" I thought I would let you know who I was! They sure are cute and looks like a lot of work. I think I'll stick with girls :)

Chadderdon Clan said...

He sure is a cutie...and a sweetheart! I love listening to him and Pais on the way home from preschool. You're right..the pic when he's 3 is soooo precious!

The Gardners said...

That is so funny! What a cute kid! You are so cute and I guess I am just photgenic, cuz I'm no prom queen. You are VERY sweet and I miss you guys! Your kids are seriously cute and I'm happy to hear you are doing so well...and you are the cutest mom!

Janet said...

Those pictures of him at Halloween crack me up. What a cute boy you have!

skcoe said...

TAG! YOu're it! Go to my blog to see what to do!

Neil said...

What a ham! I love the cop pics.