Saturday, April 19, 2008

80 degrees?!

Monday, April 14, was SO delightfully and surprisingly warm that we couldn't stay inside for one more blasted minute. Janet invited a bunch of moms from the neighborhood to get together with the kids at this awesome playground.
Coolest playground EVER.

Paislee REFUSED to let me take her picture. It's funny because I've taken plenty of photos of her before.

My friends have the most freaking adorable children. I'm serious. Aren't they so so so cute?

Janet was my baby's buddy this day. It was nice to have my hands a little more free I must say, and he perfectly happy with her. Thanks Janet!!!

Me and three of my guys on a swing.

The moms in big plastic sunglasses

Jesyca and Kristie

Courtney and Melinda

Me and Janet

Thanks for a nice afternoon in the sunshine girls!


Aubs said...

So fun! Where is this playground? I want to go with you. You look beautiful in the pics. I love the one of Janet & G (I don't know what his nick name is?) in the tube. Very cool.

Laura said...

I love the picture of you and your "three guys"! So adorable! And, YES, it is the best park ever! We should go together sometime.

skcoe said...

Cute fun hot girls and darling children. What could be better? (I mean, besides the FANTASTIC weather???)

audge said...

how in the world did you get four people onto the swing and make it look comfy. looks like you had a blast and yes all you moms are hot and the kids are beautiful!

The McKell Spot said...

Next time you guys go out give me a call and I will bring my kids. I want to go to mommy playtime even though I'm barren....I love that word and I love using it to make people feel uncomfortable. :)

Bryan and Marissa said...

I love playng outside isn't it so nice it is spring!!! Umm and where is that awesome playground I know it wasn't there when I lived there!!!