Monday, April 21, 2008

Good Luck Natey!

Jeff's brother Nathan left for Navy Boot Camp last week. We miss him already, but we're proud of his choice.

Things I love about Nate: 1- He always lets me hug him, I'm a huggy person, so I love that he always hugs me back. Jeff and I got married when Nate was nine years old, so it's like he's always been my little brother.

2- He LOVES LOVES LOVES his nieces and nephews. The kids always light up when they see him and he always indulges my boys in wrestling matches. Not only will he wrestle, but he'll get drinks, food, read books, turn on videos, take them to play outside, and cuddle with them. He's a super uncle.

3- Nate is FUNNY. He's loves stand up comedy and will often repeat comedy sketches word for word. I love it.

4- He has a good heart and good intentions. I know he'll be a great asset to the Navy.

Uncle Nate gave Bear Bear this Navy hat. He also gave Nanos a Navy backpack, which Nan started using for school as soon as he got it. They both love their mementos from Nathan.
These photos were taken the day he left : Susan, Nathan, Katherine, and Carol in front.

Good Luck Nathan! We hope you get to come home to visit before you ship out to your station.
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skcoe said...

What a great tribute to your brother in law- he seems so wonderful! I know that the family will miss him and I wish him the best!!

Bryan and Marissa said...

Michelle how are you always so supportive and aweet about everything! It terrifies me that my brother wants to go into the Marines!

Cathy said...

That picture of Nate looking down and holding Gabey and the little girl is so sweet! And he is really handsome. :)