Monday, April 28, 2008

My Jeff

I talk so much about what's going on with the kids and my life, I have all but forgotten to mention my husband! HE doesn't care if I talk about his life on this blog, but I was inspired to post some of his antics after I got photographic proof.

Most people who know him would never believe that he was so weird, but let me tell you, they don't come much stranger.

First, a picture to show you how staggeringly handsome he is. I love his face. This is him being normal. It's rare.

This is Jeff being a good daddy. He's always a good daddy though. Jeff has a gift for fix-it, he's a finance guy professionally, but he can fix or remodel anything we've ever needed to get done. And he LOVES it. Last spring he took time off work to relax, his activity of choice to enjoy himself? He gutted and re framed (a little) and re tiled our shower. That's a relaxing activity for him.

Jeff and Nanos love to play catch together. Jeff's a very natural athlete. He favors basketball and baseball, but he'll never pass up a good football game. Luckily for me, he's not too die hard about any team (although he's a very red blooded Ute fan).

I only post this because I think I'm so cool for getting this action shot. Go me! Oh, and I guess he looks cool, too.

Jeff will do almost anything to make the kids or me laugh. I'm not exaggerating. He does a mean running man when I'm mad, and I just can not stay mad when he does it. Biting his tongue, furrowing his eye brows and pumping his arms side to side while he dances. He actually calls it "wild running raking man"- that's actually a good description. This is during the credits for Horton Hears a Who. We were the only ones in the theater, so to make the kids laugh, he went and held the baby up in front of the projector. It worked, they laughed.

You may wonder what it is he's holding. I'll tell you. I was telling the kids that people used to wash their kids mouths out with soap if they used bad language. So right then Jeff comes in the room, missed the target on the boys magnetic dart board, and says a word he shouldn't say. So I tell him that he'd better wash his mouth out with soap, which made the children giggle. Not to be out done because I made them laugh, he walks out of the room, comes back with a bar of soap and chomps it. I actually covered my face and screamed a little. EEEWWWWWWW!!!!!!! The kids howled with laughter.

Then they start chanting at him to chew it, so he does. AAAAAAA!!!! I'm grossed out thinking about it. Ew, ew, ew. At that point I'm laughing hysterically and can barely hold the camera still, which is why this is out of focus.

This stuff doesn't even scratch the surface, but it's a good start. At least we're never bored!


skcoe said...

I felt so happy when he actually came out on the dance floor and did his running man at my birthday party! YAY! Yay for me for getting such a great gift and yay for him for being a spaz with us. LOVED IT.

I'm sorry, but no story tops the pretzels and mustard.

Maybe the sink story.

I love him too and I'm proud that you and I found such amazingly handsome men to love us. We're so sneaky.

Bryan and Marissa said...

Michelle I love you and your family and Jeff too! But man that is digusting I can not believe he ate soap!

Laura said...

Okay, firstly, the picture at the top is probably the best picture I have ever seen of Jeff. He looks hot! And "B", you are totally right- he is always a good dad. I love how sweet and patient his is with your kids when he is letting them "help" and that doesn't stop with his own kids. He is a great uncle! And thirdly, I want to barf thinking about chewing soap. I almost just threw up in my mouth a little bit. So I can no longer discuss the soap. (And to explain the Firstly, "B" and thirdly you really have to be a die hard "16 Candles" fan. In that movie, Anthony Michael Hall or "Farmer Ted" (as he is lovingly referred to in the flick) is about to make some bet with his friends about how far he can get with Molly Ringwald and he says "'A' don't hit me and secondly..." I've always loved it. It's subtle, but those are the kind of things that make me laugh the hardest.)

Aubs said...

What great pics of Jeff & your boys. Jeff is a great dad. Your boys all have a great role model of a funny, wierd, goofy, happy, righteous, loving, kind man to follow.
Thanks for today. It was so much fun to be with you & your handosme boys. Wish we lived closer & could go on walks to the park more often.

Marisa Jean said...

What a babe! I need a fix-it-up kind of man myself. I got a "work on my truck to make it faster" man, which is cool too. But I'd love to have him learn how to repaint, re-tile, etc. But I will say that the soap brought back some awful memories for me. I got my mouth washed out with soap in pre-school for licking a plastic knife.

Chadderdon Clan said...

I always hear these stories of Jeff, but never have experienced it first-hand. I guess we really need to get together more often as families...not just girls!

Nothing like chomping on a whole bar of soap, atleast he didn't eat Jojy's best friend (Irish Spring).

The UnMighty said...

I think Jeff needs to tone it down a bit. He's setting an unsustainable standard.

audge said...

What a crack up. You used tell me quirky and goofy things he would do, but I never got to see them first hand. I am glad you posted this. You guys make a great pair.