Thursday, April 10, 2008

San Diego Zoo- Our trip

It's been a few days since I last posted this trip and I just need to finish! So I'm going to sit here until I'm done. Now I've committed.

Here we are at the San Diego Zoo. So here's the thing with the zoo. It's big. I don't mean big, like there's so many animals, well, okay there are. I mean it's big, like, it covers a large area. I'll guess about 12 million acres or so. There are many places where you'll walk and walk and walk and see nothing but aviaries- I'm not saying the aviaries aren't pretty, but when you're dragging four children through miles of winding walkways trying to find tigers or hippos, they just don't care about any more stinkin' birds. Just ask 'em. MY SUGGESTION: if you're planning on going to San Diego Zoo, wait until your youngest is 5 yrs. old and can understand that you will get to the big exciting animals eventually...well, actually, after four hours there, we never did get to those tigers or hippos...but we saw lots of plants and birds.

1- S.D. Zoo has a great little children's zoo near the front that was very cute and fun for about 45 minutes. The kids LOVED looking at the raccoon running back and forth.
2 and 3- The petting zoo section was fun- they loved following the goats around.
4- We LOVED the OTTERS!!! They were so active and funny. It was probably our favorite moment at the zoo. One of the baby's nicknames is Little Otter, so we snapped this shot of our Otter with theirs.
5, 6, and 8- The kids were really entertained by these Gorilla statues. Jojy especially liked stroking the baby gorilla's head.
7- The kids were exhausted, and crying, but Bear just couldn't leave until he saw a camel.
9- This was one of those "Mom! Take a picture of me!" moments.
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Janet said...

I 100% agree with the don't take your kids till their 5. We went last year and Brooklyn could have cared less. Money would have been better spent to spend an extra day at Disneyland :)